If consumers were to create their dream healthy lifestyle product, it would almost certainly help them have more healthy days. While 64% of global consumers say they are continuing to seek products with added health-enhancing ingredients, interest is strong for products that support complementary need states, like energy, stress and sleep support, and healthy aging.

While multi-benefit product launches are on the rise worldwide, the most compelling products are those formulated with the scientific support consumers demand. Backed by clinical research supporting its efficacy, Wellmune®, a natural yeast beta glucan, is a great fit for products aligned with consumers’ demands for holistic health.

Download the white paper, Aligning Immune Health with Emerging Benefits, to see how formulating with Wellmune can help manufacturers discover:

  • Trends in multi-benefit products that support need states related to maintaining immune health
  • Formulation opportunities that combine the immune health support of yeast beta glucans with other natural ingredients to provide the overall health benefits consumers want most

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