53% Pie Graph
of Japanese consumers would buy yoghurt and yoghurt-based drinks for its immune health benefits
42% Pie Graph
of consumers in Thailand would purchase fruit and vegetable juices that support immunity
32% Pie Graph
of consumers in Asia would buy snacks that promote a strong immune system

Good health means quality of life. In today’s challenging health landscape, immune health is more important than ever, and consumers around the world, particularly in Asia, want food and nutrition products that support their immunity and wellness. How can you develop and launch products that meet consumers’ desire for immune health? Understanding their needs and lifestyles and what they look for in a product are the first important steps.

Our white paper looks at proprietary consumer research from 14 global markets, including Indonesia, Thailand, India, China and Japan. What it covers:

  • Global market opportunities, including Asia
  • Top product and application format demands
  • Top consumer groups and their purchase behaviors
  • Opportunities for creating successful immune health products


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